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Look no further for luxury medical treatments

Dr. Pooja Patel

Founder and clinical director of Rise Aesthetics.


Dr P graduated from UCL Medical School in 2016. She has pursued her love of cosmetic injectables ever since and was awarded her distinction in her post-graduate Aesthetic Medicine in 2019. Her thesis focused on treatment solutions for skin pigmentation. 


She has years of aesthetic experience, training alongside leading international aesthetic injectors including Dr Zack Ally.

At Rise, she has developed signature injection techniques to suit any need and loves to get creative.

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Our collabs



Dr P was invited as one of the first ELITE doctors to bring Rise treatments into hotels and homes across the city. Luxury meets ultimate convenience


Derma Medical

Expertise allows Dr P to teach cosmetic injectables, alongside some of the finest UK injectors, at the largest international Aesthetic Medicine training company.

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Alumier Md

As brand ambassadors for this incredible professional skincare brand we are able to provide the finest in prescription medical products in clinic or for you to use in your everyday skin routine

Our lotus symbolizes the potential to grow into the best version of yourself

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